Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Personal Space Suit

The Personal Space Suit was officially presented on May 1st, and later that week at the ITP Spring 2006 show.

I have included a LINK to the powerpoint presentation which hopefully gives you a clue as to my thinking and intentions with the project. At the final critique, I received a lot of interesting feedback, a few moral concerns but overall positive responses.

At the show, I received some negative comments such as "it's a mean project." Mostly, people wanted to own one for themselves to wear on the subway. It seemed that women responded more enthusiastically than men. No surprise there.

I will try to get a video up soon.

The Personal Space Suit was also featured online at wirednews.com. Here is the link.

Yo Taxi! update

The project is no longer in my studio; it is on a Fedex plane on its way to Pisa, Italy for the Viaggio Telecom 2006 Future Fashion event. I'm excited about the honor and very proud to be in such good company (Kate Hartman, Gracie Kim, as well as Despina Papadopoulos!) I only wish I could have fit inside that Fedex box.

For those of you who won't be attending, myself included (boo hoo,) I've attempted to make a video that captures Yo, Taxi! in action. The file is a bit big, but your patience will be rewarded.

Yo Video!