Saturday, March 25, 2006

Final project

I am proposing a garment that plays with our conceptions and perceptions of personal space. The garment will defend personal space when it is under threat of intrusion, questioning our notion of “ownership” over personal space. Like a cat raising its fur or a porcupine its quills, the garment will deploy an array of “spikes” to ward off invaders. The “spikes” both increase the physical space that is under the wearer’s occupation, but also serve as a visual deterrent to encroachment. The system will work by sensing the proximity of objects surrounding the garment, and will trigger a response when an object or body comes too close. The system will be based on a microprocessor, at least one sensor, and a mechanical system to deploy the array of spikes. At this point I have yet to decide if the garment will be comprised of multiple self-contained systems, or one large system with multiple sensors, and multiple spike arrays.

Videos of prototypes:



Sensors under evaluation:

Sharp GP2Y0A02YK — Infrared send and receive

Quantum Research QT113 — proximity sensor

Photo Cell – light sensitive resistor

spike subsystem:

mechanical –

Spike material —

Plastic brush bristles

Steel rod

Actuator –

Selinoid push

Steper motor

Servo motor

Pneumatic —

Spike material


Plastic sheet, heat-sealed

Actuators –

Selinoid valve

Air tank (air duster)

Compressed gas (co2 canister)

Air Bladder (inner tube)


Pic #?


9volt cell


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