Sunday, February 05, 2006


The mask that reveals me is modeled after a Moka Express stovetop espresso machine. I picked this object to represent me because it embodies a lot of values that I hold dear: classic design, balance between art and engineering, and great, dark coffee. I also love the machine's alchemical qualities, the way that it can transform a bitter bean into a magical elixir. Also, having lived in San Francisco and Paris, I am a firm believer in cafe culture, in the idea of the cafe as a place where ideas and people interact.

The mask that disguises me is a pixelated portrait of myself. It's common to see this treatment used in magazines and on television, to protect someone's identity or to satisfy censors. I thought it was interesting because it says a lot about how we are losing parts of ourselves in this digital age. Visit any of the Starbucks surrounding NYU to see how ubiquitous technology has replaced conversation in the cafe setting...


Blogger Michael Lim said...

You worship the dark master!

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